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Anycast Dongle (एनीकास्ट डोंगल)

Anycast Dongle (एनीकास्ट डोंगल)


Are you looking for a device that could stream all the content from your phone to your TV? Well, Anycast M9 Plus is what you need. Anycast M9 Plus has got everything you need. At a reasonable price, the device allows you to stream your favorite music videos, movies, YouTube videos, web series, audio from your smartphone to TV. HDMI Dongle Anycast works with both Android and iOS. If you have an android device, you can connect to HDMI dongle using Cast/Wireless Display option or download an app called Miracast to stream everything. The device supports full HD 1080P and is works perfect with an HD TV.

M9 Plus Anycast is one of the best HDMI dongles available in market that can be used to stream all kind of videos, MP3, online videos and other online content directly from mobile to TV. It supports 1080P full HD streaming.

Anycast M9 Plus is a screen mirroring device that comes in your budget. It can not only work with an LED TV that comes with HDMI port, but you can also use it with an old type TV or on your LCD monitor. To connect it with your old TV, you will need AV to HDMI connector and for LCD, you will need VGA to HDMI connector. By connecting these connectors, you can easily play any videos, movies to your LCD or old TV.


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